The Idiot Gardener

Suck my plums!

When I was a mere lad, our next-door neighbour was Mrs Broad. She was unremarkable. Well, there were a few things that I remember vividly. One was that her..

False Prophets

Christmas Eve. It’s the day before Christmas Day. The day before. Think about that. All Hallows Eve (or Halloween if you’re a fat kid looking for..

Welcome to the Idiot Brewery

Plans are being planned, work is starting, the Idiot Brewery is open for business. Well, when I say open, I mean I opened the door, looked inside, muttered..

Just like starting over

So, what’s been happening on the Five Acres of Idiocy? Let me tell you. I’ll keep it short and sweet. It will be, literally, succinct. You..

Five acres of idiocy: a tour

Yes, I know I said I’d do this last week, but as with any new project, time gets eaten up by so many things. So, here’s a brief tour of the five..

Bloody hell Barry, he’s only gone and bleeding done it…

By the spirit of Barry Gibb, I’ve only gone and bleeding done it. An offer has been made on Smallholding B. There followed some shilly-shallying. I used..

By the pricking of my thumbs… the Smallholding saga continues!

Readers of my last post will know all about the Smallholding A versus Smallholding B conundrum. Well, here’s an update. I was wrong. No, I was right, but..

Decisions Decisions … the Smallholding conundrum

Once upon a time there were two smallholdings. Let’s call them Smallholding A and Smallholding B. In fact, to save me typing the word Smallholding over..

Dreams and Reality … the journey towards a Smallholding

We all have dreams. I have them. You have them. Even Barry Gibb has them. We’re dreamers, each of us, and there’s not a lot wrong with that...

Covering Up

Tracy was, when all was said and done, a bit off her chump. She wasn’t like other girls. For a start, she could fight, smoke, drink, swear and..

Split Batch Stout

I like Russian Imperial Stout. You like Russian Imperial Stout. Let’s face it; we all like Russian Imperial Stout but when you’re chasing your..

Look how far I haven’t come!

At last, after a period of time that seems like it’s been at least a year or two or maybe more, the Sawbones and his team have decided to cut me loose!..

Overwintering Beans and Peas

Thus far in 2015, I have done the grand total of nothing in the garden. Whilst I accept I have been given a good going over with the laziness brush, this time..

Don’t Chit Yourself!

It’s January, the nights are dark, it’s freezing cold, there’s nothing to do but drink heavily and watch shit on the television. As..

Vasco Mallorca Squash

If you’ve ever meandered around the streets of Bilbao, dipping in and out of the local grocery shops and food markets, you will not have failed to notice..


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