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Bedtime for Bonzo: raised beds on the way

Before the snow stopped play, I spent some quality time in the mud-patch strewn with rubble that will shortly become the production hub for my intended vegetable garden. A few posts ago, in the distant past of 2009, I explained the journey that led me to raised beds. I also told you that I had ordered my wood, albeit 180 metres of the stuff.

Well, Stage 1 of the bed creation process is complete; further stages will be delayed thanks to the weather. I have also laid my hands on 1.5 tons of compost, 1.6 tons of horse manure, and a yet to be collected 2 tons of topsoil. Then … well, that’s the bit I don’t quite get yet!

A gardener friend (that’s a friend who gardens, not a gardener I have befriended) examined my collection of organic matter, checked out the bed, looked at my hair-brained uneducated plans, and promptly dubbed my plans as “punk rock gardening”. Despite him being less than kind with his words, it’s a label I think I shall adhere to!

Once the weather breaks, I shall commence the construction of the second bed, or Bed 2 as it is often called. After all, I don’t want to complicate things!


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2 thoughts on “Bedtime for Bonzo: raised beds on the way

  1. Rick

    Hey mate, good to see you are surviving the snow in the Uk, from what I have seen on TV it’s giving you all a really hard time!
    Well done with the garden, I have also spent a lot of time with compost this last few days, but I guess it’s all worth it! Man, I still can’t believe I’m doing this, Im a computer guy, you know? and suddenly I caught myself very happy working in my greenhouse (which I built with my own hands, by the way). Im a f…g crazy kunt!

    Keep ip up man, I would be glad to see this new project going.

  2. Rick

    Guess what? I also need a free course such as that Gardening one I had in my local newspaper, but unfortunately I won’t be able to attend….I have other plans and this will run for nine months….shame onmme, I know.


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