The Idiot Gardener

WARNING: This site contains information on gardening, brewing, curing meat,

building shit and hunting, all done in a piss-poor manner. It is not suitable for the

feeble-minded, the weak and lame, those of a nervous disposition, vegans and

vegetarians (and those other ones that only eat fish and the occasional bacon

sandwich - I think they're called 'hypocrites'), those who practice any

manner of folk singing or dancing, people named Colin or fans of Barry Gibb.

Meat Porn: Whole Lotta Hog

The devil makes work for idle hands. That’s what they tell me. I don’t believe in the devil, or God, or angels, or ghosts or even the Bee Gees. I..

Texas Hot Guts – a work in progress

Texas Hot Guts are a sausage of legendary standing. Originating in Elgin, Texas, the actual recipe is a closely guarded secret, and as imitations spring up, so..

Bourbon Cured Bacon

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. Or share his bourbon cured bacon. Because here’s the thing; once you let..

Andouillettes for Idiots

People seem to have a love/hate thing with Andouillettes. Me? I love them. I’ve been eating them for years, both in England and in France. It was..

Eating Lyon (Part 2)

The aim of visiting Lyon was to eat; let’s make no bones about it. I went equipped with a list of dishes that I had to eat at least once. It included..

Eating Lyon (Part 1)

Mrs IG wandered off, probably somewhat embarrassed. The brown and white dog looked like he was humping my Samsonite bag. The Gendarme had a wry smile on his..

Spent Hop Sausage – Punk Meat Treats!

It happened by accident. I was cleaning out the boiler after a brew, and next to me was a pile of freshly smoked bacon waiting to be vaccuum packed. For a..

Wusthof Classic Knives Review

If you’re experienced in the artistry of the charcutiere, then – to be honest, and as is already obvious – you’ll learn next to nothing..

If pork could talk – Brawn

I have a recipe for a rather nice Vietnamese salad, which uses pig’s ears. This has given rise to a little joke I have with the man who runs the meat..

Venison Jerky

I love the cow. Admittedly, I love the pig more, but I love the cow too, and why not? The cow, she tastes good! I’ve always loved the cow, and for a..

Cured Salmon

If I was to be brutally honest, I’d have to say that salmon is one of the few fish that don’t really get me excited. Don’t get me wrong, I..

It started with a kiss…

Okay, it didn’t start with a kiss. Or did it? Did kissing Lorraine, the butcher’s daughter, start me down this strange and twisted path? Maybe not!..


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