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Sowing the Seeds of Dissent

As autumn fades to winter, most gardeners do little more than light the fire, pour out a beer, and settle down with the seed catalogues. This is our time off, our well-earned rest period. We’ve spent too long knee-deep in mud, we’ve been out in the sun and rain and frost and wind, and now we’ve got a small window of rest time. However, some people are still sowing, and they’re sowing the seeds of dissent. The hippies and the environmentalists might seem to be in the same camp as the gardeners, but they’re not. Oh no. They’re very definitely not!


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One thought on “Sowing the Seeds of Dissent

  1. Is

    As a hippie and environmentalist, I couldn’t agree with you more! The peatfree composts I’ve tried are crap and when my council stopped mowing verges all that grew was the amount of litter and dog shite. But please don’t tar all us old hippies with the same brush and I won’t assume all punks are plonkers. Peace and love man x


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