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Split Batch Stout

I like Russian Imperial Stout. You like Russian Imperial Stout. Let’s face it; we all like Russian Imperial Stout but when you’re chasing your neighbour down the road at 3am with a frozen sea bass in one hand and a glass of RIS in the other, shouting about how you’re going to impale the fucker on a fish because he stinks of pond-weed,  you soon realise it’s not a session beer.

A good strong RIS can be a joyous thing. No, it can. However, having 40 pints of the stuff begging you to go off on one can be something of an ordeal. So here’s the thing. I decided to make a split batch stout which would deliver me 20 pints of head-banging Imperial Chimp and 40 pints of normal stout. Well, when I say normal I mean Nutty Chimp!

The recipe is straightforward. I make a standard 40 pint (23 litre) mash with the following grain bill:
6kg Maris Otter
0.5kg Flaked Barley
0.5kg Crystal Malt (30L)
0.6kg Roasted Barley
0.3kg Chocolate Malt
1kg Flaked Oats (toasted at 170 degrees C for 75 minutes)
0.5kg Rice Hulls

The mash is a single infusion at 68 degrees C for 90 minutes. I used 25 litres strike water and 15 litres sparge at 75 degrees C. Target OG was 1.084.

The boil was 60 minutes and used 100g of Magnum at 60 minutes and 60g of East Kent Goldings at 30 minutes.

Once the boil was finished I pulled off 20 pints and chilled it. Once chilled I set it off in a fermenter with a sachet of S-04.

I then did a quick calculation on the remaining volume and added enough water to bring the remaining wort to an OG of 1.049, which brought the total volume to around 23 litres. This was fermented with another sachet of S-04.

The Imperial Chimp finished at around 1.015 and was bottled for long term storage (yeah, that’s what we all say). Once the Nutty Chimp reached 1.010 I added a batch of home-made hazelnut syrup. To make this I chucked 500g of dark muscavado sugar and 0.5 litres of water into a pan, brought it to the boil, added 300g of lightly toasted hazelnuts, let it boil for another 5 minutes then reduced to a simmer for 45 minutes. I strained it and stored the syrup. The nuts can be bunged in the oven for 30-40 minutes and they make a bloody good crunchy snack!

I kegged the Nutty Chimp, with 2.0 CO2 volumes  and it’s fantastic. It has a nice roasty slightly bitter taste with an afterthought of toasted hazelnuts. It’s very drinkable.

The Imperial Chimp?

Oi, Terry you twat, wait till I shove this sea bass up your arse, you pond-weed stinking bastard!

Enough said!



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2 thoughts on “Split Batch Stout

  1. Isobel

    Stout is a sipping beer for me and your nutty chimp sounds just the ticket. Do you do a pale ale?

  2. Thean Kruger

    The only item I’m missing here for the IG RIS recipe is the frozen sea bass! It’s going into the brew pot on Saturday! Oy! Where’s that Belgian dubbel recipe with the fart yeast?


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