The Idiot Gardener

WARNING: This site contains information on gardening, brewing, curing meat,

building shit and hunting, all done in a piss-poor manner. It is not suitable for the

feeble-minded, the weak and lame, those of a nervous disposition, vegans and

vegetarians (and those other ones that only eat fish and the occasional bacon

sandwich - I think they're called 'hypocrites'), those who practice any

manner of folk singing or dancing, people named Colin or fans of Barry Gibb.

All floppy and won’t stand up!

There’s a bloke who lives across the road from me. Let’s call him Andrew, because that’s his name. Not Andy; Andrew. He’s anal about..

The great bean mystery

As many of you will be aware, last year was my first ever growing season, and the very first thing I grew was broad beans. These gave me a false sense of..


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