The Idiot Gardener

WARNING: This site contains information on gardening, brewing, curing meat,

building shit and hunting, all done in a piss-poor manner. It is not suitable for the

feeble-minded, the weak and lame, those of a nervous disposition, vegans and

vegetarians (and those other ones that only eat fish and the occasional bacon

sandwich - I think they're called 'hypocrites'), those who practice any

manner of folk singing or dancing, people named Colin or fans of Barry Gibb.

Another year, another set of clean underwear…

Ladies and gentlemen, before entering the hallowed space that is this post, please put on clean underwear, slap on a bit of lippy (or have a shave, or both)..

The great seed robbery!

It is with a heavy heart that I am forced to report the great seed robbery. What is worse, what is upsetting and disheartening, is that I must also report that..


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