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We foster a community of farmers, gardeners, crafters, foragers, arborists, propagators, wood builders, and people who know the value of a sustainable lifestyle.

Through this platform, we aim to promote a cost-efficient and eco-friendly approach to day-to-day living. We are all-inclusive, and we encourage all to take part in a thriving community of people from all walks of life.

The Idiot Gardener sheds light on issues and matters that require an expert’s opinion. Here, we share clever ways to recycle, analyze what makes an effective compost pit, and much more. Whatever the topic may be, we are working hard to be a platform that provides field-tested insight that holds bearing and value.

Here, the opportunities to learn new skills are endless. We hope to be someday able to expand our reach to impart this knowledge to more people. We also subject any contributions to a rigorous processing system that ensures the accuracy and effectiveness of the data shared.

Making your life more sustainable and frugal is indeed a challenge. However, you can find so much comfort in knowing that there are people on the same page as you are. The Idiot Gardener works to be your companion when it comes to gardening.

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