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Bio Green Phoenix Greenhouse Heater Review

When I built the Idiot Greenhouse, one of the issues I had to address was condensation. I tried using a double skin ceiling, a triple skin ceiling, and even a walrus skin ceiling, but none removed the issue of condensation. On some mornings, it was like taking a shower, and if you closed the door when you were in there even that tiny vibration turned the inside atmosphere into something more akin to a Jacques Cousteau documentary.

The only way to eliminate condensation was to leave the windows open, with the inevitable result that the temperature plummeted. This also raised the spectre of a second issue that needed addressing prior to the first season of use: heating. I had an old paraffin heater which a neighbour had given me, but I had no idea if it would work, how long it would last for, or even if the heat output would be enough for my needs.

I was planning a series of trials when I came across the Bio Green Phoenix greenhouse heater. Basically, it’s an electric thermostatically controlled unit which includes a fan – ideal for air circulation to prevent condensation – and a 2.8kW heater – ideal for heating purposes. It wasn’t a cheap bit of kit, but from what I read the reviews seemed favourable. I was dithering when I saw the very same units in a greenhouse at some Stately Home I’d been dragged to, and a quick chat with the gardener vouched for their performance.

I made the plunge, and around £160 later I was the owner of a shiny new Phoenix greenhouse heater. The unit can either be floor-mounted of hung from a roof. I opted for the latter approach because I love banging my head on it. The unit can be operated as a fan, or as a fan and heater. If the heating element is used you can opt for the full 2.8kWs, a less scorching 1.8kWs or a somewhat less exuberant but perfectly acceptable 1.0kW.

When I run my Phoenix I opt for the thermostat switching set to the very lowest level, with the power at its lowest 1.0kW, so I’m basically not even pushing it. During extremely cold spells, including a winter when the ground outside was so frozen I couldn’t even make a dint with a spade, the low in the greenhouse was 4 degrees C, and it achieved that consistently. Its power consumption was negligible.

Admittedly I wasn’t doing anything in the greenhouse that needed higher temperatures, but the thermostat allows for the heating to be switched on at anything up to 26 degrees C if you need it. There’s also the two higher power levels if you want a bit more heat.

My advice to anyone seeking a Phoenix greenhouse heater is to shop around. I found a wide variation in prices, and there are some cracking deals available.

Basically, it’s a winner. I give the Bio Green Phoenix greenhouse heater a 9/10. Why not 10? I’ll tell you. Because I keep on bashing my head on the bastard. Okay, that might be my fault, but it’s my review and I’ll be petty if I want to be!


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3 thoughts on “Bio Green Phoenix Greenhouse Heater Review

  1. Is

    Sounds good, but you must be on a good tariff to find running 1kw costs “negligible”.
    When you replace your polythene look at Vistherm for condensation free and light diffusing polys.

    • The IdiotThe Idiot Post author

      Aha, but it hardly ever runs, because when it does it’s so efficient … or something like that, plus Mrs IG deals with the electric bill, so I’m only guessing!

  2. Electric Greenhouse Heater

    I had a Hotbox fan heater in my greenhouse which was perfectly fine, but a friend of mine turned me to the superior firepower of the Phoenix and I have to admit, it is much better.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with the Hotbox, it worked perfectly well, I just prefer the Phoenix now i’ve had both.


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