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Glut, be gone (the Rocket solution)

I love Rocket, I really do. I love it so much that I planted two lots, Salad Rocket for the cooler Spring months, and the more heat tolerant Wild Rocket for the blazing hot summer, which has yet to materialise (the summer, that is, not the Rocket). I figured I’d have Rocket aplenty, and the switch in types means it wouldn’t bolt. I shocked myself; it seemed very sensible. So, what happened? Well, obviously I have a Rocket glut!

Now, it seems you cannot do a lot with Rocket except eat it fresh, right? Wrong! In fact, if you think you can only eat Rocket fresh, then you’re wronger than the bloke at BP who said, “It’s only a small leak, no one will notice”. Indeed, you’re wronger than the bloke at Pearl Harbour who said, “Have a few hours extra in bed, nothing ever happens on a Sunday morning”. You’d even be wronger than Tricky Dicky Nixon when he declared, “I am not a crook!”.

You’d be wrong, okay? And here’s why. My Rocket glut solution…

Yes, it’s Rocket and Goat’s Cheese soup. It’s easy, quick and it can be frozen. Yes, frozen, in a freezer. For ever. Well, maybe not for ever, but for a while.

What? You want to try it out? Okay then, do this. Amounts are for two people, so do the mathematics yourself.

1: Dice a decent sized onion and gently fry it in a very small amount of olive oil. Do this is a soup-sized pan.

2: Dice a couple of medium potatoes and add them to the pan, with about a litre of homemade chicken stock (no, make your own out of chicken bones, you lazy bastard, stock cubes are the semen of the devil).

3: When the potatoes are soft, season well.

4: Add around 100-150g of Rocket and let it simmer for a few more minutes.

5: Whizz the whole thing up until smooth.

6: Pour into bowls, and add a few (or several) slices of goat cheese to the top, and let it melt into the soup.

7: Eat.

Of course, don’t do the goat cheese bit if you’re freezing it. Do it when you thaw it out and reheat it.

Glut? What bloody glut? Up here for thinking, down there for dancing!


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18 thoughts on “Glut, be gone (the Rocket solution)

  1. Edith Hope

    Dear IG, Clearly I must ally myself with BP, Pearl Harbour, and the erstwhile President of the United States of America for, so foolishly, I thought that there was nothing else to be done with Rocket but to eat it as it is.

    But then, in my defence, I have never opened a cookery book and seldom enter the kitchen. And as for a freezer, to what possible use should I put one?

    But, that said, your soup sounds delicious and I might well pass on the receipt to a friend or two.

  2. Kyna

    Well, shit.

    What about powdered stock?

    I’m guessing that’s probably powdered devil’s semen.

    You make cheating at cooking not fun 🙁

  3. Britta

    Dear IG,
    my comment on the blog above will follow when that Buckfast you so highly recommended to me (Wiki: “alleged to be the drink of choice for drinkers who are prone to committing anti-social behaviour when drunk, especially drinkers under 18 years” – that’s why I had to send my auntie in to buy it!), it’s “high strength (15% ABV) and sweetness” have lost their “appeal to underage drinkers” – in one word: me (underage). It’s high caffeine content kept me so wide awake that I managed to answer your comment on my blog – I hope… Britta

  4. kiwi gomes

    YUM!!! More recipes please … that looks delicious!!! Not only ‘can’t’ you vege garden, but you ‘can’t’ cook either … very impressed!!!

  5. Kimberly

    UNCLE!! I had not idea…so I’m with BP, PH, and Dick. Hmm. How unfortunate for me. But, you’ve spared me a life preserver, thankfully. I will try your soup…looks and sounds delicious!

  6. Amy

    A lot can happen when you take a break…you have a new header and added cooking, brewing, etc. I like the new look and the soup looks delish!

  7. The Idiot Gardener

    Edith, perish the thought, a lady in the kitchen? You’d end up dropping something!

    GoSS, cooking is my passion, and sadly that has also become my main household chore! Indeed, it was a cookbook that pushed me into gardening!

    Turling, a cube is nature’s way of telling you it’s wrong.

    Tatyana, the goat is out there, somewhere…

    Gippslangardener, it grows so fast, give it four weeks…

    Kyna, powdered stock is for people with no fingers to crumble the cube. Just make the stuff yourself. It only take a few minutes (well, it takes a day but you can ignore it for most of the time).

    Faith, I’ll try it with radish tops as I have loads of them.

    Britta, Cheers!

    Mal, cream of chervil, eh? I have chervil, so I’ll have to dig a recipe out.

    Kiwi, I’ll be dropping a few in as more stuff in the garden needs using up.

    Jo, the best thing is it’s simple to make too. That said, I told Mrs IG it took me hours! It explains away World Cup time!

    Kilbourne Grove, distilling? That’s illegal!

    Kimberley, Uncle? You’ve lost me there.

    Jean, it’s really good, so make a big pot.

    Amy, we aim to please!

    Deb, it’s a peppery salad leaf, really easy to grow. Salad rocket is best for cooler climates, while wild rocket is more heat tolerant and bolts less willingly.

  8. thyme2garden

    Semen of the devil? Hilarious! I so appreciate good writing, especially in a clear recipe. I love rocket (I call it arugula), and will definitely have to try this recipe sometime. I planted too late (one of many newbie mistake), so I barely squeezed out one harvest in before they all bolted.


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