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4 Best Seedling Heat Mats on Amazon in 2021

Seed warming mats are essential for any hydroponic garden and among the innovations that you never thought you’d need until you actually get one. Basically, it works as a heating system encapsulated into an interwoven mass, and it aids in plant growth or fermentation. This is especially effective when planning to continue the propagation process even during the cold fall and winter months.

We consider this a vital component of any plant system because it speeds up natural processes, which may take months and doesn’t necessarily yield good results.  With one of the best seed warming mats in your arsenal, you can supply the boost of warmth your seedlings need to grow. In addition to all this, you can use these mats in your terrariums to keep your reptile pets warm during the winter season.

Choosing the Best Seed Warming Mat

Since this innovation is relatively new, most people may still be dark about what to look for in seed warming mats. So, let’s go over the factors you may need to consider before making the purchase.

Types of Seedling Heat Mats

There are two main types of seed warming mats: the flat type and the one that comes with a humidity dome. Each is designed for a specific use. The flat type is intended for germination use and is best placed at the bottom of seedling trays and containers.

The other type is used to speed up a plant’s growing process. It works by the dome trapping the heat so the plants can utilize it for their growth.

Temperature Range and Controls

Another thing you need to check is the temperature range of the warming mats. You need to make sure that they can maintain 10-20 degrees without factoring in the ambient air temperature.

Aside from controlling the temperature, having a thermostat also keeps you updated on any changes in room temperature. This way, you can determine what other external factors may cancel out the effectiveness of your seed warming mat.

Durability and Waterproof Rating

Since this will be used to warm soil and organic matter, it must be made of a material that can endure the weight and hold the moisture. A durable and waterproof seed warming mat will contribute to the stability of the conditions in your greenhouse or hydroponic plant system. Also, it is worth noting that seed warming mats should not be fully submerged into the water since it is still, technically, electronic equipment.

The Best Seedling Heat Mats for any Biological Set-Up

Here are some of the best seed warming mats that you may choose from.

1. VIVOSUN Waterproof Hydroponic Seedling Heat Mat

VIVOSUN Heat Mats are created to make seed starting and cutting efficiency. Designed with the latest heating technology, uniform heating, and precise temperature control brings great success without failure.

It is designed with an IPX4 splash-proof water rating for easy maintenance. It also includes smart features that will considerably lower your energy bill. It is also made from heavy-duty PVC material that makes it extra durable.


  • Precise temperature control
  • Double insulation
  • Infrared heating
  • Waterproof design
  • Durable construction


  • It does not work perfectly alone, needs the thermostat controller (sold separately)

2. Seedfactor Met-certified Hydroponic Seedling Heat Mat

If you are in the market for a MET-certified seedling heat mat, this product is worth considering. Seedfactor’s MET-certified Seedling Heat Mat is a durable germination station built to ensure growth. With temperature regulation and waterproof design, your seeds are guaranteed to be safe.

It can warn the root area at temperatures of 10 to 20 degrees and controls the soil temperature at 70 to 85 degrees. Included with the mat is a 5.9 feet power cord. There are also instructions for easy use.


  • Regulated temperature between 70 and 85 degrees
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • MET-certified safety product


  • It cannot be used with grow light
  • Not ideal to be submerged in water

3. Jump Start Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat

Jump Start Hydrogram Heat Mats are perfect for both seasoned and beginner growers. Made for performance and durability, these seedling heat mats have double insulation to ensure the right amount of temperature for growth.

This waterproof seed warming mat is ideal for beginners as it comes with instructions that are easy to understand. This set comes included with a heat mat 2” humidity dome, watertight base tray, and a 72-cell seedling insert that is ideal for regular soil, grow plugs, or coco plugs.


  • Uniform heating of 10-20`F
  • Vacuum-bundled and sealed
  • Useful for home brewing


  • It needs a thermostat to pair with the product

4. iPOWER Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat

iPOWER Seedling Heat Mats can serve various uses, whether it is seeding, germination, homebrew, or terrariums. The multi-layer construction and insulated wires create a safe and durable product.

It can warm up to 10 to 20 degrees above the ambient temperature of the room. This mat is also easy to use and clean. Something else to note is that it comes with a waterproof design, which is a plus.


  • The constant temperature of 10-20`F
  • Waterproof build and design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Convenient to use


  • It cannot be submerged underwater
  • May not maintain very high temperatures in extremely cold rooms.

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